It seems the early models of worst-case coronavirus scenarios in the U.S. are not coming true.  Infections and deaths are significantly less than expected.  While this isn’t a reason to relax our efforts to combat this disease, it should mean we can at least take a breath.  Just make sure you’re six feet away from other people when you do so.

Yet, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, all the media seem interested in pointing out is that the United States has the most cases and the most deaths, “Topping,” as they so eagerly point out, “Italy.”  While this is a true statement, it is also a misleading one, designed to scare you and draw clicks.  So, let’s take a moment to put those numbers in proper perspective.

As of this posting, Italy has 159,516 confirmed infections and 20,465 deaths.  The United States has 587,337 confirmed infections and 23,649 deaths.

On the surface, it seems obvious that the United States is far outpacing Italy, but those numbers need to be viewed in the proper context.  Context is, as the saying goes, everything.  An important number is missing – total population.

Italy has a population of 60.36 million, while the United States has a population of 328.2 million.  Having 159,516 infections means that Italy’s infections represent 0.264% of its total population, while 587,337 infections is 0.178% of the U.S. population.  Comparing total deaths to total infections, in Italy the death rate is 12.82%, while the death rate in the U.S. is 4.02%.  Lastly, if you compare total deaths to total population, 0.033% of people in Italy have died from COVID-19, while 0.007% of people in America have died.

Clearly, despite the headlines trying to create fear and anxiety, these numbers tell a different story.  Of course, none of this means that we should relax our efforts to flatten the curve. Without sustained effort, those worst-case scenarios we seem to be avoiding could get real very quickly.

While thousands of deaths are a sad thing in any context, we don’t have to get PTSD every time we check the news.  Everyone’s talking about staying distant, staying clean and staying aware, and all those things are vital.  But a safety measure everyone seems to be forgetting is the one that’s most important in a crisis – STAY RATIONAL.

Speaking of staying rational, in my last post I offered a video describing a copper button pusher that’s easy to make and will help limit the spread of coronavirus.  As the pandemic continues, I’ve begun to see a lot of copper products coming to market.  I feel the need to clarify something.

Copper DOES have amazing germicidal properties.  But the effect is NOT instantaneous.  There are many disreputable sellers out there looking to make a quick buck off COVID-19 who are selling “Copper Rollers” and “Copper Soap”.  These are – excuse my language – straight up bullshit.  Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.  *Note, that link is NOT connected to my affiliate store.

Rolling a piece of copper over your hands is NOT an effective way to kill germs.  Copper ejects ions which, OVER TIME, destroy microbes.  But copper is NOT a soap replacement.  The effect of copper on viruses is a function of duration.  COVID-19 can live on copper for up to FOUR HOURS.  A quick swipe of copper over your hands will NOT protect you.

The button pusher I described in my last post works for two important reasons.  First, it ensures that your skin does NOT come into contact with a button.  Second, it has a sheath which keeps the contact surface contained away from everything else between uses.  The germicidal function of the button pusher works expressly because the contact surface is essentially quarantined in copper for extended periods between uses.

A note on cost. 

Those rollers on Amazon consist of some pipe and a couple end caps, all of which costs around $4 retail.  They’re charging $24 for the stupid things!  You can make the button pusher for around $12, and it actually works.  The extra cost in parts is because of the copper rod, which you can find in my affiliate store for around $15 for enough to make two.

There are going to be a lot of grifters out there selling a lot of crap.  They are counting on your fear and desperation to fill their bank accounts.  Don’t reward them.  Report them.  If you see something on Amazon or eBay or anywhere that looks fishy, do some research.  If they are lying, call them on it.  Report them to anyone who’ll listen.  The Internet has many flaws, but one thing it is good at is making it difficult for snake oil sellers to hide.  More than ever it is important for rational people to shine a light on those who seek to profit from fear and desperation.


2 thoughts on “Weirdly Calm

  1. I really enjoyed this post! I am now following it and will be sharing more of your posts. (already shared this one) You are more intelligent than the average bear, uh person. Hang in there! Your blog has not reached the right audience yet. It will! You rock and keep writing!


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